I can't login

If logging into the Capsule portal is showing an error:

Verify your email address 

User accounts with unverified email addresses can't log into the Capsule Portal

Make sure to verify your email address before trying to login into the Capsule Portal.

☝️ If you don't find the verification email, make sure to check your spam folder, otherwise re-send the email from your dashboard section on our website

Please get in touch at support@capsule.audio if you can't verify your email address

Try to login into the website

If that works, change the password and try to login to the Capsule Portal again

Make sure that your system is compatible

The minimum requirements for Capsule are:

OSX 10.13+  

WIN 10+ 64 bit Version 1903 and above


⚠️ If your system doesn't satisfy the minimum requirements, the Capsule Portal login will display an error

Also, visit Installation faq


Installation and downloads