Subscription basics

How does the Capsule subscription work?

The Capsule subscription is a monthly plan giving you access to the entire Capsule sound catalog.

This includes the existing Capsule content, as well as the new content published while your subscription is active.  

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can freely access the entire sound catalog without restrictions during a period of 14 days

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How much content can I get with my subscription?

As long as you have an active Capsule subscription, the entire sound library is available to you, without restrictions.

This includes all existing content as well as new content published while your subscription is running.

There is no download limit or credit system.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If your subscription is canceled, you will still be able to load the DAW projects using the Capsule plugin and tweak the selected preset, however, you won't be able to perform the following actions anymore:

  • Download new sounds
  • Change presets  

Note that you can still use the Capsules for which you own a perpetual license, please refer to the License section for more info

Is the subscription renewing automatically? 

Yes, the subscription will renew automatically at the end of every billing period unless you manually cancel the subscription 

See also, How to cancel your subscription

Can I pause my subscription?

At the moment, you can only cancel your subscription and re-subscribe later 

See also, Subscription management

Is the Capsule plugin included in the subscription?  

The Capsule player audio plugin is free of charge and is included with your subscription.  

Can I use Capsule without a subscription?  

If the subscription is not suited to your needs, you can purchase individual licenses for the Capsule libraries that you like. 

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Installation and downloads