Updating the Plugin and Portal

How to update the Capsule Plugin and Portal

☝️ The update of the Portal and Plugin applications is happening together. 

1. Check for automatic updates

To check if an update is available, simply launch the Capsule Portal application.

The application will then look for the latest available update, and proceed to download the latest version if you are not up to date.

Once downloaded, follow the instructions in the installer wizard.

After the installation process is completed, you can relaunch your DAW and use the latest version of the Capsule plugin.

2. Manually check for updates

If the update notification has been missed, no worries ✌️

Go to the "Plugin" tab and click the "Check for updates" button, the app will check again for the latest update and display the download instructions if an update is available.



3. View the latest changes

To see the latest changes, click the "view changelog" button in the "Plugin" screen of the Portal application. 

This will take you to the changelog page of our website, where all changes for the latest and previous version can be consulted ?



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