known issues

Error uploading files

Introduced in Capsule V1.2 

An upload error message appears in the Capsule Portal after saving files.

The error message displays a list of files that couldn't be uploaded.

Solution: Please temporarily deactivate the Cloud sync feature to work around this issue

Unsupported DAWs

Some DAWs and hosts are not supporting the VST3 plugin format yet, thus they won't be able to load Capsule.

This is the case for: 

  • NI Maschine 2
  • NI Komplete Kontrol
  • Reason

However, you can use the Audio Unit version of Capsule if you are on macOS, or use a VST3 plugin bridge

macOS Monterey support 

Capsule Portal and the Capsule plugin are currently not officially supported on macOS Monterey.  

While the software will run, they have not been fully tested and it is advised to run the application only on previous macOS versions.  

Apple Silicon support

Capsule Portal and the Capsule plugin are currently not running natively on Apple Silicon

The software will run on Rosetta, however, it is not officially supported and thus has not been fully tested yet. 

We're currently working on bringing native support for M1 Macs to Capsule, with an expected release date in Q2/22

Error installing Capsule on Windows

In the Windows package installer, a configuration bug results in duplicate entries for languages in the initial language selection dialog.

The first of those entries results in a broken installation, while the second one works fine.

We are working on fixing this issue and will release an updated installer package as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, manually select the second entry of the language to work around this issue (English in the screenshot below)


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