Install the Plugin and Portal

Download the application bundle 

Download the application bundle here

The bundle contains both the Capsule Portal and the Capsule Plugin.  

Once downloaded simply run the installer and follow the steps described

The installation process will install:

  • Capsule Portal application 
  • Capsule Plugin VST3
  • Capsule Plugin Audio unit (mac only)

Run the installer

Mac: Open the downloaded Soundslates-Capsule.dmg file and double click Install Portal and Capsule.pkg to run the installer.

Windows: Run the .exe file and follow the instructions

Launch the Capsule Portal

Once the application is installed, the Capsule Portal will automatically launch

A login window will appear, login with your email address and password

If you don't have an account, please create one here

Launch the Capsule Plugin

After the installation, launch your favorite DAW and search for Capsule in your list of plugins.


Installation and downloads