I don't see the Capsule plugin in my DAW

Make sure that the plugin is installed correctly 

Double-check that your plugin folders are containing the VST3 and/or Audio unit version of Capsule

Also, see Install the Plugin and Portal

Verify the plugin folder in your DAW 

Make sure that your DAW is scanning the folder in which you have installed Capsule 

Relaunch your DAW 

After performing the above steps, relaunch your DAW and rescan the plugin folder

Validation fails for the Logic DAW

It is possible that the Logic DAW validation occasionally fails for the Capsule plugin audio unit version. 

If that is the case, simply re-scan the plugin until the validation succeeds. 

See this article for info on how to re-scan a plugin in the Logic DAW

If none of the above has helped to solve the issue, hit the contact us button at the bottom of this page and drop us a message, or write directly at support@capsule.audio

Unsupported DAWs

DAWs not supporting VST3

Some DAWs and hosts are not supporting the VST3 plugin format yet, thus they won't be able to load Capsule.

This is the case for: 

  • AKAI MPC Beats

However, you can use the Audio Unit version of Capsule if you are on macOS, or use a VST3 plugin bridge

Pro tools - AAX

Capsule is currently not shipped in the AAX plugin format and thus can't be used in the Pro tools DAW

We're working on this and are aiming to provide Capsule in AAX format in 2023


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