Capsule libraries are not showing up

I have purchased a Capsule library license, but it doesn't appear  

Refresh the Capsule portal: to do that simply click the refresh icon in the top section of the side menu.  

If that doesn't solve the problem, try restarting the portal application  

There are no Capsules and sounds appearing in Portal or in the plugin

1. Make sure your email is verified 

2. Restart portal/ plugin 

3. Reconnect the plugin to Portal ( see below)  

Reconnect the plugin to Portal

It can happen that the plugin doesn't connect properly to Portal, causing issues displaying the sounds.
When this occurs, the connection should be restarted, to do that:

1. Open the cloud setting panel of the Plugin 

2. Click the "ONLINE" button back and forth (once to go offline and once to go online again) 

The connection should be established again


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