What is Capsule?

What is it?

Capsule is a cloud-based collection of byte-sized sound libraries referred to as "Capsules". 

A Capsule is a small collection of sounds following a very specific sound theme, which can be a certain genre, a particular era, a specific type of sound etc 

Capsule is focused on quality and simplicity, each sound is meticulously crafted to inspire and fit into your productions, while at the same time being extremely easy to use.

How to play the sounds?

The sounds are playable via the Capsule VST3/AU audio plugin and the downloads are managed via our Capsule Portal desktop application

How are the sounds made?

The sounds are chromatically playable instruments, which can be played using our Capsule plugin. 

Capsule doesn't provide audio loops or one-shot samples, the "sounds" are always multi-sampled instruments or presets created using the internal Capsule sound engine.

From realistic acoustic instruments to lush and gritty analog sounds the Capsule catalog offers a huge variety of sounds.

How often are new sounds added?

The catalog is regularly updated with new Capsule libraries, which are delivered directly into the Capsule plugin and Portal applications, minimizing the effort required to install new sounds.


Installation and downloads