Plugin FAQ

What is the underlying synth engine? 

To generate sound, the Capsule plugin is leveraging a deep synthesis engine.

The engine is a 4 parts synthesizer with a semi-modular architecture.  

At the heart of the Capsule synthesizer are the oscillators, which are of the following types:

Virtual analog

Several variations of a state-of-the-art virtual analog synthesizer, including hardware modeled waveforms, hard-sync, pulse-width modulation, frequency modulation, ring modulation, unison, and more.


An advanced sample-based oscillator, supporting release samples, round-robin, dynamic crossfading, and more, allowing to play realistic sampled instruments as well as enabling creative sound design.

Capsule also includes various analog-modeled and creative filters algorithms as well as a wide range of modulations and FXs

Is the internal synth engine accessible? 

Not at the moment. 

The engine is still under development, however, it will most likely be made available to users at a later point.  

More details will be shared.

Why is there no VST2 version? 

The VST2 plugin format has been recently depreciated by Steinberg, and only the VST3 format is supported moving forward.

Soundslates is complying with this decision and therefore is providing only a VST3 version of the plugin.

All major DAWs are now supporting the VST3 format, if you happen to have trouble running the VST3 version, please get in touch with the support team.

Can I use Capsule without an internet connection? 

Yes, in offline mode Capsule will allow you to browse and load the sounds you have already downloaded and which are present on your hard drive.

To browse and download new content, an internet connection is required.

The same holds when the Capsule plugin is used while the Portal application is not running.


Installation and downloads