Select the storage location

⚠️ Important

To avoid breaking all your DAW projects which are using the Capsule plugin, do not modify the files included in the content folder unless you want to uninstall the Capsule plugin and its sound libraries. 

The content used by the Capsule plugin is located in the following directories: 




C: /Users/Username/Capsule


If you need to uninstall Capsule and had installed the content to a custom location, you'll need to delete the Capsule folder located in this custom location.

You can also check for the location in the Portal application's preferences panel, see the article below 

Install the content to a custom folder

It is possible to install the Capsule content to a custom folder on your computer hard drive or to an external storage device.

1. Launch the Capsule Portal 

2. Go to the preferences panel

3. In the "general" panel scroll to "Capsule folder location" and click the "change" button 

4. Select the new location where you want to store the Capsule content


  • When changing the location of the Capsule folder, the previous folder will be copied across to the new location to ensure compatibility with your existing DAW projects.
  • If the custom location is on an external storage device, make sure to always connect it before starting Capsule
  • If the custom location is on an external storage device, the Capsule plugin will roll back to the default location if the device can't be found.


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