Installation FAQ

What are the recommended system settings?
The recommended system settings for the Capsule plugin and the Capsule Portal applications are:

OSX 10.13+  

WIN 10+ 64 bit Version 1903 and above


How many machines can I install Capsule on?

The capsule plugin can be activated on 3 different machines per account.

The remaining number of machine activation is visible in your user account area, under the "Licenses and activations" section.

Where are the presets and samples located?

The Capsule plugin is various files to function, such as audio samples, audio previews, images, preset files etc.  

By default, the content is located at the following locations: 

MacOs:  /Users/username/Capsule

Windows: C: /Users/Username/Capsule

☝️ You can customize the location where the Capsule content is installed, see Storage location

⚠️ Please make sure to not move or delete files from the content folder, as it might break the Capsule instrument, making your DAW projects using Capsule incompatible. 

Always use the Portal application and Capsule plugin to delete content.  


Installation and downloads