Getting started

1. Create your account

Before anything, you will need to create a Capsule user account. 

You can get started and create your user account here

2. Verify your account

Click the "verify" link on the verification email you have received after creating your account. 

If you don't find this email, make sure to check your spam folder, otherwise re-send the email from your account section.

3. Start your free trial

After creating a new user account and verifying it, select the "Start my free trial" option on the home page or in your user account. 

You can also start your free trial directly from here

Also see The free trial



4. Install the Applications

With your free trial running, you can now download and install the applications.

Detailed installation steps

5. Make music

After installing the applications, simply launch the Capsule portal to download some of the content and fire up your DAW.

The Capsule plugin should now appear in your list of plugins.

Have fun! ✌️


Installation and downloads