Preview and load sounds


Previewing sounds

It is possible to preview sounds before downloading or loading them. 

Previews are available for all sounds and are a short C note at maximum velocity, representing a snippet of the sound.

To preview sounds, place the mouse cursor over the sound title, a play button will appear on the left.

You can play the preview by clicking the sound title or clicking the play button.

Pressing the ↑ and ↓ arrows on the keyboard will play the next preview.

While a preview is playing, a mini audio player will appear at the bottom of the BROWSE screen.

There, you can pause the preview playback, move to the prev/next preview and adjust the previewing volume.

Loading sounds

To load a sound, simply double-click the sound name.

Note that, if the sound has not been downloaded yet, double-clicking will trigger the download.

You can also press the ⮑ key to load a sound.

Keyboard shortcuts

To summarize, the following keyboard shortcuts can be used in the BROWSE screen:

← and → to highlight the previous/next sound

↑ and ↓ to preview the previous/next sound 

⎵ to play/pause the audio preview

⮑ to Load or download the currently highlighted sound