Cloud options

Access the cloud options

To access the cloud options, click the cloud icon located in the top bar section of the Capsule plugin

What is cloud sync? 

Cloud sync is a feature allowing you to backup all your data to the cloud, to make sure that they can be retrieved later on, on another machine for example. 

When cloud sync is enabled, the following data will be synced to the cloud: 

  • Your personal presets
  • Custom tags 
  • Likes 
  • Collections 

To enable cloud sync, click the cloud icon in the Capsule plugin top bar. 

Then click the "Cloud Sync" toggle switch


The "status" button displays the current cloud connection status: 

  • Online: The Capsule portal application is running and connected to the server 
  • Offline: The Capsule portal application is not running and only already downloaded sounds are available.

Note: Clicking the status button will toggle between online and offline status effectively disconnecting the plugin from the portal application.

For more details, see Offline mode

Auto login

When enabled, the Capsule portal app will automatically launch when you launch the Capsule plugin.

This ensures that the Capsule plugin is always up to date with the server when you use it, meaning that all the latest sounds and capsules are available, etc. 

Launch Portal app

This button allows you to quickly launch the Portal app if the Capsule plugin is offline. 

If Capsule is online, the button acts as a shortcut, bringing the Capsule app to focus.