Download sounds

Downloading and loading sounds

To download sounds, simply click the download arrow icon or double-click the file name.

The file will start downloading and display a colored check sign icon once the file is available.

All the files showing the colored check sign icon are already downloaded and can be loaded at any time from your hard drive (also when no internet connection is available) 

If a sound is already downloaded, clicking the file name will load the sound

Batch downloading

It is possible to batch download sounds.

This can be done by selecting the sounds you want to download, or downloading all sounds included in a certain Capsule library or search result.

Batch download selected sounds: 

Select sounds by sliding over them with the mouse.

Then simply click one of the download icons to download all selected sounds.

Download an entire Capsule: 

Click a Capsule library image on the left side of the preset browser to select it.

When a Capsule is selected, a "Download icon" is displayed, along with the total download size and the number of files to download.

Clicking this icon will batch download all the items currently displayed in the sound list

View active downloads

You can always view the current active downloads in the side menu of the Capsule Portal.

For more details, click the progress bar, this will reveal a detail panel showing all active downloads.

Cancel downloads

To cancel active downloads, place the mouse cursor over the circular progress bar and click the "X" icon.

Another option is to access the active downloads panel (see above) and select "cancel" for the download you wish to abort.

Instrument size indicator

Because sample sound sources are shared across instruments, it often happens that parts of an instrument's sources are already located on the hard disk, while another part is located on the server. 

To indicate this, the instrument size indicator can have several states. 

For an instrument that has not been downloaded yet, the size indicator can have the following states:

 REGULAR  All the related sources are located on the server, the download size is the displayed size 

 PARTIAL Some of the related sources are already located on the hard disk, the download size is inferior to the displayed size. 

When hovering the size indicator, a tooltip informs about how much of the sources are located on the hard disk

The small chart pie on the right side of the size indicator also indicates the portion of the instrument files located on the hard disk.

 LOCAL  All the related sources for this instrument have already been downloaded for other instruments, the actual download size is only the preset file, which is usually only a few KB

Downloads FAQs

What happens if I delete an instrument, will it break other instruments sharing the same sound sources?

When deleting instruments, the application is making sure that the sources are not used in other instruments. 

Only sources that are not used elsewhere will be deleted.

This also means that deleting instruments won't free up disk space right away since the sound sources might still be used by other instruments which have not been deleted. 

How do I know which instruments are sharing the same sound sources?   

There is no rule of thumb and the details of the sound sources are not yet displayed on the user interface.  

However, instruments of the same Capsule are usually sharing the same sources, especially for acoustic instruments like pianos, strings etc  

You might notice that after download one preset of a capsule, multiple other presets are now displaying a partial file size state.