Save and manage your sounds

Save your presets 

After modifying a Factory preset, you can save it to your personal library. 

To save a preset click the "save" button in the top bar and select the "save as" option.

You'll be presented with a modal window allowing you to enter the name of your new preset. 

Note: If "Cloud sync" is enabled, the preset will be automatically saved in your Capsule cloud.

Find out more about Cloud sync

Browse your presets

To view and load your personal presets, make sure to select the "Personal" section in the BROWSE screen.

Delete presets

You can delete your own presets or downloaded factory presets by right-clicking the preset tittle and selecting "delete"

⚠️ Important

Deleting a Factory preset will only delete the file and related sample sources 

Deleting a personal preset will completely erase the file from your library, with no way to recover it.