Browse and search sounds


Anatomie of the instrument browser

Accessible via the BROWSE button, the instrument browser in Capsule has a similar layout as in Portal.

The section below breaks down how the layout is organized

A Libraries Select between the Factory library, your saved instruments, or your liked instruments

B Capsules The list of available Capsules 

C Filters Types and mood filters to refine your search

D Sounds The list of sounds matching your search 

E Sorting Additional search and sorting options 

Anatomie of the sound rows

Each row of sound contains various elements

A Capsule thumbnail Click on it to jump to the Capsule containing this instrument

B Instrument name

C New Label showing the new items 

D Download icon used to download instrument 

E Local icon displayed when an instrument is already downloaded

F Like icon used to add an instrument to the list of likes  

G Type Category in which this instrument belongs to  

H Instrument size indicator The total disk space/download size of this instrument

Search and filtering

To refine your search, you can use the filters and sorting options.

All search and filtering options can be combined.

Here's a quick overview of the types of filters:

A Search: Text search, applied to the list of sounds 

B Type filter: General type attribute, such as the instrument type, sound category etc

C Mood Filter: Advancedcharacteristic of the sound, such as "analog" "dark" etc 

D Local: Allows displaying only the downloaded sounds 

E Cloud: Allows displaying only the sounds available for download 

F Sort: Allows to order the list of sounds by Recent, Name, or download size

Liked sounds

Sounds can be favorited by clicking the heart-shaped icon on the right side of the file's name.

Removing sounds from the list of favorites works the same way

Favorited sounds will appear in the LIKES library.

View the sounds of a specific Capsule

Once you have found a Capsule you want to explore, simply click the Capsule image.

The list of sounds will be updated with only the sounds corresponding to that Capsule 

Click the Back button on the right side of the search bar to go back to the default view

Few things to note:

  • The filtering is applied to both the list of Capsules and the list of sounds when no Capsule is selected 
  • If a Capsule is selected, the filtering is applied only to the list of sounds