The preferences panel is located on the top bar section of the interface.

Simply click the cogwheel icon to access the preferences panel

Voice limit 

The voice limit sets the maximum number of voices that can be played before voice stealing occurs. 

Voice stealing means that the older notes will be faded out and replaced by the new notes once the voice limit has been reached. 

Note: Increasing the voice limit can lead to a increase of the CPU load, as more notes can be played simultaneously 

UI scale

The UI scale defines the size of the plugin interface


The quality setting determines how high the audio quality of the Capsule engine is. 

This settings affects multiple internal components, the most common are:

  • Oversampling factor of the filters 
  • Oversampling factor of the oscillators (when using FM synthesis) 
  • Oversampling factors of the distortion algorithms 

To keep it simple, the parameters have been combined into 4 settings: Low, medium, high, extreme. 

In Low mode, the audio is not oversampled at all, this is good for systems with weak processors and older machines. 

In extreme mode, the audio is oversampled 8 times at the maximum (filters), this allows to achieve crisp resonances and smooth filter responses, however it can be very CPU intensive.