Play settings

The PLAY Settings tab is offering a few general controls in addition to the macros.

Response curves

Located on the left side of the panel, the response curves can be used to shape the playability of an instrument.

By dragging the handle of the curves, it is possible to make the response softer or harder to the MIDI keyboard input.

This is available for:

  • Velocity 
  • Aftertouch
  • Pitch wheel
  • Mod wheel

Note that those settings will be saved in your preset.

Also, when playing notes, a little playhead will show the value of the last played note.


The AHDSR section offers controls of the global amplitude envelope of the synth.

Each of the 5 stages has a dedicated knob to adjust the values.

The "Velocity" slider can be used to make the amplitude sensitive to velocity, in other words, if the slider is all the way down, the amplitude will be constant regardless of the velocity input.

If the slider is all the way to the top, the amplitude will be gradually increased depending on the velocity input.


In the voicing section, it is possible to adjust the voicing mode.

Poly: Allows to play multiple notes at the same time (polyphonically)

Mono: Only 1 note can be played at a time.

Legato: Only 1 note can be played, and envelopes are not retriggered when notes are played legato (overlapping)

Glide: The glide (portamento) can be enabled on any patch, and will apply a smooth pitch glide when 2 notes are overlapping.

The time slider allows adjusting the length of the glide.


  • The glide also works in Poly mode.
  • The maximum number of voices in poly mode can be adjusted on the settings tab