Macro controls

What are macro controls? 

Macro controls are knobs available to sculpt the sound of an instrument, allowing to reach a multitude of different timbres for a certain instrument, using various combination of macro controls settings

Internally each macro-control can affect one or more parameters of the sound engine.

They are custom-made for each instrument so every time you are loading, a new set of macro controls will be loaded.

Macro controls are named after the effect they have on the sound.

The main macro, represented by the larger knob in the center will have the most characteristic effect of the sound, while other macros are more geared toward fine-tuning the sound design.

MIDI learn

Each macro-control can be mapped to a knob/fader element of your hardware MIDI controller, using the MIDI learn option.

The MIDI mapping will remain even when you are switching the presets and when restarting the plugin.

By default, the macros are mapped from left to right to the MIDI CC 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 , 18, 19

To modify the mapping for a macro control:

  1. right-click the knob and select "Unlearn MIDI"
  2. when the modal window appears, select "remove"
  3. move the CC controller on your MIDI device 
  4. select "OK" to confirm