Registering a Capsule license

☝️This article describes the steps to follow to register a Capsule license into your account.  

This applies only when a Capsule license code has been received and needs to be registered.  

Registering a Capsule license is NOT needed when purchasing a Capsule via the catalog page 

Signup or login into your account  

If you don't have a Capsule account, you should start by creating one here  

Or login into your account if you already have a Capsule account    

Register a new product  

Upon successful login, navigate to your account dashboard.  

In the account dashboard, scroll down to the "Licenses" section, and click the "register a new product" box.  

Enter your serial code

Enter the serial code you have received for your Capsule product in full, into the "License key" text field 

Then select "Register"  

Confirm and download your Capsule

The Capsule will now appear in your "Licenses" section and can now be downloaded via the Capsule Portal 

Details about Capsules libraries

Managing Capsule licenses