Purchase a Capsule license

Browse the catalog 

All the available Capsule can be browsed from the Catalog page 

View all Capsule, listen to the sound demos and purchase the ones you like.

Note that using the Capsule Portal, it is possible to see the sounds included inside the Capsule, however, the purchase can only be done on the Catalog page

Purchase a Capsule license

Once you have found a Capsule you wish to buy a license for, simply click the "Buy" button.  

You will then be transferred to the secure payment gate to finalize the transaction. 

Once the transaction is finalized, you will automatically be redirected to the Capsule website.  


View your licensed Capsules 

Once you have purchased a license for a given Capsule, it will appear in your dashboard, Licenses section.  

Download the sounds 

All the Capsules for which you own a license can be downloaded at any time from the Capsule Portal application. 

The sounds of Capsules not licensed will be grayed out and downloads are blocked.

For licensed Capsules, the sounds are freely downloadable. 

Also see Download sounds from Portal

Details about Capsules libraries

Managing Capsule licenses