Licenses vs subscription

What are Capsule licenses?

Capsule licenses are an alternative to the monthly subscription.

With single licenses, you can purchase a perpetual license for a given Capsule library.

The purchase is a one-time fee and allows you to use the sounds associated with this Capsule forever.

Single licenses VS subscription

With the subscription:

  • You are granted unlimited access to the entire Capsule catalog as long as your subscription is valid 
  • Once the subscription is canceled, access to the catalog is revoked, but DAW projects using Capsule can still be loaded

With the license:

  • You can access the Capsules you have licensed, forever
  • You can purchase as many Capsule licenses as you like
  • If the Capsule is updated with new sounds, those are also accessible with your license.

Details about Capsules libraries

Managing Capsule licenses