Licenses FAQ

How much does a Capsule license costs?

A license for a single Capsule library is $29

How long can I use the licensed Capsule?

When you purchase a license of a Capsule, the license is perpetual in time.

Where do I find my licensed Capsules?

The Capsules you have acquired a license for can be found in your Dashboard section. 

To download the Capsule sounds, you'll need to use the Capsule portal or the Capsule plugin.

Does it include a license to the Capsule plugin?

The Capsule plugin is free of charge, when you purchase a capsule license you automatically get the capsule plugin without limitations. 

Are Capsule libraries updated? 

Yes, it can happen that a Capsule is updated.

The update is usually for fixing potential issues with the content, but it can happen that a few new sounds are added.

Can I switch to a license after canceling my subscription? (and vice versa)

Subscriptions and licenses are independent. 

You can purchase Capsule licenses while your subscription is running or when it's expired.

Note however that there is no discount on Capsule licenses for subscribed users.

Can I try a capsule before purchasing a license?

To try out the Capsule libraries, you can use the free trial for the subscription, this gives you 14 days to try out every single Capsule library before deciding which ones to buy. 

If the free trial has passed, it is only possible to browse the Capsule catalog and listen to the audio demos to get an idea of the sounds included in a Capsule.

Details about Capsules libraries

Managing Capsule licenses