Background and Offline mode

Background mode

In background mode, the application is invisible but runs in the background of your system.

This allows to downloads sounds directly from the plugin without the need to open the Capsule portal interface.

When the app is in background mode, you can bring it back to the focus by clicking the small Capsule logo located in the system tray or system bar.

Offline mode

When there is no internet connection, Portal goes in offline mode. 

In this mode, the local content can be managed, but no server operations are available.

Below is a list of features blocked in offline mode:

  • Download and uploads
  • Loading the home page 
  • Listening to Capsule previews that have not been cached

Once the application is back online, all the actions done in offline mode will be synced with the server, if the "Cloud sync" option is enabled.


Portal offline mode is different from the Capsule plugin offline mode.

Visit Plugin offline mode for more details 


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