Download sounds from Portal

Downloading individual sounds from Portal

To download sounds, simply click the download arrow icon or double-click the file name.

The file will start downloading and display a colored check sign icon once the file is available.

All the files showing the colored check sign icon are already downloaded and can be loaded at any time from your hard drive (also when no internet connection is available) 

If a sound is already downloaded, clicking the file name will load the sound

Batch downloading

It is possible to batch download sounds.

Select sounds by sliding over them with the mouse.

Then simply click one of the download icons to download all selected sounds.  

Download entire Capsules

Place the mouse cursor over the Capsules thumbnails, and a set of icons will appear.

Click the download arrow to start downloading the Capsule.

This action is also accessible from the Capsule details page, which appears when clicking a Capsule.

View active downloads

You can always view the current active downloads in the side menu of the Capsule Portal.

For more details, click the progress bar, this will reveal a detail panel showing all active downloads.


Cancel downloads

To cancel active downloads, place the mouse cursor over the circular progress bar and click the "X" icon.

Another option is to access the active downloads panel (see above) and select "cancel" for the download you wish to abort.  


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